Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Poached Egg and Stir Fried Samphire on Dulse Bread

This entry for The Egg Award 2013 was entered by Fiona Bird (no honestly, that's her name!) from Uist.

You can find details on how to enter your dish for The Egg Award 2013 by clicking on this link

Fiona Bird considers herself to be a fortunate lady, and here's why.  "My eggs are more often than not 'gifted' to my husband, the island GP - BUT I am about to start buying from this exciting project, which is one reason why I am entering The Egg Award 2013 competition."

South Uist hatch a plan to Rent A Hen

The eggs used in this recipe were given to me by Miriam (see photo) Macdonald's Mummy.  Miriam's aunt (Marion Steele) lives on Benbecula (the next island) and sells 6 eggs for £2.00 There is an honesty box for those in the know.

My recipe uses foraged samphire from the Isle of South Uist and the granary bread has dulse (seaweed) in it but basically my recipe is a poached egg on toast, Uist style. If you don't have a diet problem you could gild the lily and add a dollop or two of homemade Hollandaise. However, the flavour of a freshly poached egg, with stir-fried samphire on lighted toasted dulse bread, is in my opinion, perfect.

Poached Egg and Stir Fried Samphire on Dulse Bread

What to forage, collect and find:  

Per person:

Teaspoon lemon juice
Large free-range egg
30g samphire, well washed and drained
10g butter
One piece of lightly toasted bread, buttered and still warm

What to do:

Fill a deep frying pan 2/3rd full of water and bring to the boil. 
Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and lower the heat so that the water is just simmering.  
Crack the egg into the water and poach for 3 minutes or until the yolk has 'just' set.
Meanwhile, melt the butter in a pan and stir-fry the samphire to heat through (1-2 minutes).

Remove the egg with a slotted spoon or fish slice and lay it on a dry tea towel to shake off excess water.

To serve. Put the egg on top of the buttered dulse toast. Pile high with the warm samphire and add a squeeze of lemon juice and freshly grated pepper if required. Eat immediately.

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