Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Egg Award 2013 - The Organisers - Just Love Food

About Just Love Food

@Justlovefood blog was founded by partners Chef / Fashion Designer Claudia Escobar and Environmentalist / Fisherman Cliff Norman, from Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland.  They recently opened their first 'Country Style Kitchen' cooking wild produce with love and it was a great pop-up experience.

Ralph had a word with Claudia about their current plans - 

Claudia: "Our aim was to cook Scottish produce in a country camping style with the best we could get our hands on,so we dished out wild birds,line caught fish by us,foraged plants and molluscs and were honored to work with local butchers and bread makers in Leith."

They also run a recipe blog, with unique recipes developed by them.  They're now  focusing on private catering, the pop- up kitchen, food festivals and fairs.  As if that wasn't enough they also go foraging, fishing and work on menu design. They're also on the hunt for cool premises to set up a social enterprise kitchen open to the whole community to participate and make great food!

 "We are very focused about community projects where we can add value,give and share what we know with others."

At present I am doing private cooking in the Highlands at The Eco Yoga Centre, hands on baking and writing recipes for my recipe blog at Justlovefood Leith on Wordpress.

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