Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Egg Award 2013 - The Judges - Rachel McCormack

About Rachel

The Egg Award is delighted to have on board celebrated foodie Rachel McCormack who is originally from Scotland but spent most of her twenties living in Spain, mainly in Barcelona. While she was there she caught the Catalan obsession with food and learned how to cook from eating in restaurants, talking to women in the markets, watching her friends fight over which was the correct recipe from a certain village and also watching their Mothers in their kitchens.

With that in mind she teaches the Catalan style of cooking In classes at Bea’s of Bloomsbury where Rachel tries to re-create the kind of meal that she has at her friends’ houses in Barcelona and other parts of Catalonia. It’s an informal gathering where you eat good ham, cheese and olives while everyone helps to prepare food and has a big discussion about the provenance of the food that is being made as well how to solve all the world’s problems. In the class solving the world’s problems is optional.

Kitchen Cabinet

The Kitchen Cabinet on Radio 4

Rachel says "it’s great fun being a panelist on Radio 4′s The Kitchen Cabinet."  Jay Rayner is the host of this new food panel show.  Every week we visit a different foodie location in the UK and answer cooking questions from a live audience. You can listen to it on Tuesdays at 3pm or download the podcasts here.

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