Friday, 22 March 2013

The Egg Awards 2013 - Follow our supporters on Twitter

The list of supporters of The Egg Awards 2013 grows daily.  The list is made up of producers, purveyors, chefs and restaurants.  Please feel free to follow them on Twitter, they'd love your company, or even better if you can, pay them a visit!

If you'd like to contribute to The Egg Award 2013 please get in touch with @fruitbatwalton or @justlovefood.....


@ReadyToCrumble - Kitchen Musketeer, Ireland.
@craigmckend - Professional Chef, Edinburgh.
@danchefHead Chef 
@jonfellchef - Headchef,Sella Park House Hotel,Muncaster Castle Estate,Cumbria.
@gaCartwright - UK former Michelin-Star Chef and now MD of


@OchilFoodsprovide chefs with quality local, seasonal and sustainable produce. 
@croftorganiceggsOrganic farmer, producing organic eggs, beef and lamb.


@justlovefoodCountry Kitchen food in the heart of Leith, cooked wild with love.
@fruitbatwalton - Music Blogger, Food Blogger and Jack Russell.


@R_McCormack - Panelist on R4's Kitchen Cabinet & Cookery School Teacher.
@erniechefHead Chef at the 2 AA Rosette Etrop Grange Hotel, Manchester.
@alectomassoEngineer, Chef at The Cheese Kitchen and Masterchef contestant.
@markgreenawayChef at Restaurant Mark Greenaway, Edinburgh.
@FoodByJMarsh - Formerly Chef at Le Manoir and Michael Caines Abode.


@BlackRockknivesManufacturers of high quality pure ceramic knives.

@armadillocentrl - Independent publishers of new fiction, poetry and non-fiction, showcasing the best writing alongside original and limited edition art and photography, most of which is exclusive to them.


@The_SRA - The Sustainable Restaurant Association


@AnnAllchin - Duck Egg & Prosciutto Baskets

@thelaundry - Prune Sour Cream Coffee Cake

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