Friday, 22 March 2013

The Egg Award 2013 - Prizes

The winner of The Egg Award 2013 will be presented with a unique trophy of a hand carved driftwood egg which is in the process of being created right now.

Here's the driftwood in its original state prior to work starting to make it The Egg Award 2013 trophy.  It was donated by The eco Yoga Centre in Lochgilphead.

Here's a picture of the work in progress.

Dome hot tubAt ecoYoga they run courses and retreats throughout the year and they invite you to find out more about these on the yoga page.  When courses are not running you canstay with them on a self-catering holiday and enjoy the facilities of their wonderful Yoga studio in your own time, have a hot tub, sauna or enjoy a wild river hot bath. 

They generate our own electricity by our small hydro-electric power station, plus solar panels and their water comes directly from the small river, and a natural spring situated just above our retreat, making us both 'off-grid' and truly sustainable. Families and children are very welcome.

 In the meantime those lovely people at Blackrock Ceramic Knives have donated a set of their outstandingly sharp knives!

BlackRock Ceramic knife set
We're delighted to have them as a prize as BlackRock® ceramic knives are a market leader in high quality ceramic knives, with their origins in the Far East it's amazing that these knives have been kept a secret in Europe for so long. Once the reserve of professional chefs and now available to all.

The blade is produced using the finest quality pure zirconium oxide ( also known as Zirconia), a material that is extremely hard, wear resistant and chemically inert. It is important to highlight that our pure compound comes from Japan which is considered the best available and is produced by one of the oldest manufacturers of this product in the world. 

Juliet Kepes print Two Steps Forward One Step BackJuliet Kepes by Gyorgy Kepes
Another addition to our list of prizes is this fine art print 'Two Steps Forward One Step Back' by Juliet Kepes (1919-1999) - painter, illustrator, sculptor and children’s book author, born in London in 1919.  The print has been donated by Armadillo Central who publish original writing alongside fine art and photography.

They are independent publishers of new fiction, poetry and non-fiction, showcasing the best writing alongside original and limited edition art and photography, most of which is exclusive to them.  They ship worldwide.  Prices convert to local currency as you purchase.  To keep up to date with latest news, special offers, new products and other events join their mailing list.

The lovely people at have donated a PolyScience® Smoking Gun
PolyScience® Smoking Gun
They're the UK's leading supplier of sous vide and vacuum packing equipment. Based in the North West of England they are a family run business that distributes all over the UK, Ireland and Europe to aspirational chefs and foodies who enjoy cooking, who strive for consistency and accuracy whilst always looking to further refine their cooking skills. At their portfolio of products offers everything you would need for sous vide cooking commercially or domestically, from sous vide water baths, thermal circulators, vacuum sealers, vacuum packing machines and vacuum pouches.

Home Sous Vide
Sous vide cookery is not hard or only for the realm of the professional cook. With a little reading everyone can enjoy the benefits of sous vide cookery. Please click the link below to learn a little more about this process, and have a look around their site that is devoted to giving everyone the right tools to begin the sous vide journey with the confidence to succeed.

portraitThe fourth addition to our prize list is another fine art print of 'Fruits and an Egg', signed by the artist Ulrika von Sydow.  She's a Scandanavian artist mixing realistic portrayals with experimental art using mixed materials.   

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