Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Baked Free Range Eggs with Chorizo and Black Truffle Oil

This dish for The Egg Award 2013 was entered by The Grumpy Chef

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As a head chef, creator of The Grumpy Chef blog, brand ambassador for IOShen Knives, writer for ONE Mag and with regular appearances on BBC Radio Manchester James Douglas is a busy guy so we’re lucky to get him to enter a dish for The Egg Award 2013!

Previously Head Chef at The Red Lion in High Lane, Stockport, he has recently moved within the company to take over at the award winning restaurant, Damson in Heaton Moor, Manchester where he’s also heading up a new restaurant project in the City on Deansgate with Exec Chef and Owner, Simon Stanley.

He describes his style as classic French and British Cuisine but with a twist, has dabbled in the popular molecular gastronomy area but believes that food shouldn’t be overly complicated and pushes his Team to rely on their own skills and the 'old school' processes before anything else.

In keeping with the ethos of The Egg Award 2013 he's a huge advocate of local and seasonal produce, his latest project is local foraging and with the team from the Red Lion has begun using their own Kitchen Garden and Polytunnel about a mile from the restaurant. He enjoys working with youngsters and has taught knife skills and basic French cuisine to the apprentices at Jamie Oliver’s 15 restaurant.

James sourced the eggs for this recipe from J S Atherton, Hagg Bank Farm in Stockport.

Presented on an IOShen board
Baked Free Range Eggs

with chorizo and black truffle oil

(Serves 1)


200g      Tomato sauce
50g        White bloomer
30g        Chorizo
15g        Black truffle or extra virgin olive oil
1             Free range farm egg
Pinch    Maldon salt
Pinch    Cracked
Pinch    Chopped parsley

1.    Pre-heat the oven to 180oC.

2.   Dice the chorizo and bread.
3.   Warm the oil in an oven proof pan over a medium heat.

4.   Place the chorizo and croutons into the pan and toss regularly until golden in colour, being careful not to burn.

5.   Add the tomato sauce and bring to the boil.

6.   Make a small well in the centre of the pan and crack the egg into it.

7.   Place in the pre-heated oven for 6 - 8 minutes or until the white of the egg sets.

8.   Remove from the pan from the oven onto a heat proof tray or board and allow to cool for 1 minute.

9.   Season with the salt, pepper and parsley and serve.

You can use a larger pan and scale the recipe to accommodate more guests and the chorizo can be omitted for Vegetarians.  You can also add or replace ingredients and certain variations work extremely well.  


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