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Duck with Seeds and Chickory

David Tanner

This dish for The Egg Award 2013 was entered by North East chef David Tanner 

Details for entering a dish for The Egg Award 2013 can be found by clicking this link

Duck with Seeds and Chicory



Derwent Valley Free Range Duck Eggs


Cook the duck eggs in a water bath at 63°c for 90 minutes.                               
Peel when ready to serve.



Chicory 1 (reserve some raw for garnish)                                   
Vanilla Pod 1
Water 300ml
Sugar 150g


Weigh out all the ingredients.
Bring the water, sugar and vanilla to the boil.
Pass through a fine sieve and allow to cool slightly.
Break the chicory into single leaves, put in a vac-pac bag, pour over syrup and seal.


Rasins 100g
White Wine 100ml
Brown Sugar 3 tbsp


Weigh out all the ingredients.
Bring the raisins, wine and sugar to a simmer.
Cook for 8 minuets.
Blitz and pass the puree.

DUCK BREAST (sous vide)  


Caster Sugar 100g
Salt 100g
Garlic 1 clove
Yellow Mustard Seeds 1.5g
Powdered Ginger 1.5g
Bay Leaf 1
Cloves 7
Juniper Berries 10
Black Peppercorns 3.5g
Coriander Seeds 1.5g
Curing Salt 2g
Water 1000ml
Duck Fat 50g


Fried Pumpkin Seeds
Yellow Mustard Seeds


Weigh out all the ingredients.
Combine all the ingredients except the water.
Bring 250ml of the water to the boil.
Add the boiling water to the rest of the ingredients.
Add the remaining water and chill completely.
Cure the duck breast for 3 hours.
Remove the duck from the cure and pat dry.
Refrigerate uncovered for 1 hour.
Vac-pac the breast with the duck fat and cook @ 60.5c for 25 minutes.
When the duck breast is cooked, remove the skin and any fat.
Half each breast, square off and re vac-pac.



Red Wine 100ml
Soy Sauce 100ml
Brown Sugar 2 tbsp


Weigh out all the ingredients.
Reduce the wine by half.
Add the soy sauce and brown sugar.
Reduce to a syrup consistency and chill.


Heat the breast in the water bath at 60°c.
When warm glaze with soy, garnish with mustard seeds, fried pumkpin seeds and linseed.
Slice the vanilla poached chicory and raw chicory and bring up to room temperature.
Garnish the plate with the raisin puree, then place on the garnished duck breast.
Carefully peel one egg and place onto the plate and garnish with pine salt.
Garnish with both types of chicory and pine oil.

Our HensDavid uses eggs sourced from Lintz Hall Farm whose family have been producing eggs in the North East for four generations and have lived at Lintz for over 60 years.

Set in the heart of the Derwent Valley, Lintz Hall is a mixed farm where free range hens share their fields with sheep cattle and horses.  

Our Farm

All of their Free Range Hens roam freely and are monitored by the RSPCA. Their eggs are produced to the exacting standards of the Lion CodeThey take great pride in their farm and the products they supply, which is why they do the whole job from start to finish.  Within hours of being laid, eggs are graded and packedn-site and delivered direct from the farm.

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