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Tempered Goose Egg Yolk with Goose Sobrasada,Crispy Whites and Truffles

This dish for The Egg Award 2013 was entered by 2 Michelin Star chef Dani Garcia in collaboration with Ganso Iberica

You can enter your dish for The Egg Award 2013 by clicking on this link

Native Andalusian Dani Garcia of Calima restaurant in Malaga is a 2 Michelin Star chef who is also responsible for the various products developed at Ganso Iberico and a promoter of it in the Gastronomic World.

The key to his creations is remaining true to his Andalusian roots, mixed with an incredible imagination and the use of scientific techniques.  He first came to the fore in Tragabuches restaurant in the spectacular mountain town of Ronda (Málaga) where he demonstrated his interest in culinary innovation.  

In 2004, he was taken on by the Meliá hotel group to set up the Calima restaurant in Marbella.  For a time he was the only European chef, apart from Heston Blumenthal and Ferran Adrià, to use the properties of nitrogen in cuisine. Some examples of this innovative technique are his 'frozen raff tomato popcorn with raw Motril baby shrimp', and 'cold olive oil semolina with ham and croutons'.


To temper the Yolk
4 yolks from Ganso Iberico Geese

Place yolks individually in a porcelain container with a bit of olive oil to prevent them sticking together.  Cover with cling film and place in 85 C oven for 5 minutes.

For Crispy Whites, beat the whites and fry in plenty of sunflower oil until golden and crispy,drain and reserve,keep warm.


Madridfusion15 grams of Sobrassada (Goose chunky sausage from Ganso Iberico) per person
2 pears
Crispy Bread
Summer Truffles (in summer time or black in winter)

Slice the bread finely and toast in oven until crispy.

Dice the pear in medium squares and saute a bit.

100% goose Sobrassada

Cook and crumble your sobrasada.

Mix the saute pear with the sobrasada and place on bottom of plate.

Very carefully place the tempered goose egg yolk on top of this crumble.

On top of it,place the crispy ,broken pieces of crispy bread and slices of Truffle to taste.

Logo Goose PastureGanso Iberico - a project with history.....

Ganso Iberico is the dream project of Juan Carlos Verona, a biologist enamored with these animals since the start of his professional career.

While staying in Otero de Sariegos, an uninhabited village close to the lakes of Villafafila(Zamora),he had the experience of tasting an ancient traditional stew made with goose from the area.
Under the spell of candlelight and old tales about the arrival of geese for the 12th of October the idea for this project was born.  In 2010,the initial research started about ecological dehesas and Ganso Iberico was created.


The Goose

The chicks are brought to us from the Perigod region in France, less than 48 hours from their birth.  In this way they get ecological production accreditation and are free to spend the rest of their lives in freedom and outdoors in La Dehesa (this becomes their vast geese run).

Their feed varies according to season and nutritional needs, but it is composed of natural grass,cereals that are produced in the  ecological crops and also acorns.

They have a herder and a dog that guide them to different places in the estate to get better feed and also many watering lagoons where they can have baths and preen, just as they would if they were wild.  This existence makes them lay exceptional eggs, as well as providing a succulent aromatic meat.  The laying huts of Ganso Iberico are divided between Sevilla and  Avila farms, home to 3000 geese.

THE EGG has an average weight of 170  to 180 grams. It is an egg high in proteins,energetic and healthy due to its high level of unsaturated fats.

THE YOLK is dense and  deeply flavorsome derived from its diet of natural grass and Acorns as well as their outdoor lifestyle and extensive farming.


A project linked to a unique ecosystem and characteristic of the Iberian peninsula that conforms La Dehesa, what gives it the distinction of being Iberian.  From a system of extensive breeding in the middle of nature, taking advantage of the goodness of La Dehesa they obtain an egg of optimal quality, Artisan and ethical, pioneers in the market.

It connects with the needs of a consumer that is more and more aware of the importance of sustainability, quality and provenance.  In search of quality there is extensive work in breeding, natural feeding and the well being of the geese in order to develop and bring in to the market a quality product.  They are the only farm of this size that does not force feed its geese.

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