Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Food Travel Company

This weeks blog brings news of the latest supporter of The Egg Award 2013, The Food Travel Company who create gloriously fun food experiences, getaways and escapes, bringing people together through food holidays around the UK and abroad.  They'll take you to anywhere from Cornwall to Scotland, Istanbul to New York or Gascony to The Hudson Valley!  

Here at The Egg Award 2013 we're very excited to have The Food Travel Company supporting our cause to promote local fresh eggs and the producers who take every care to ensure the health of their birds and the quality of the eggs they lay.

What do The Food Travel Company do?  They find people who are passionate about food, from great local cheese makers to  amazing oyster producers. From tireless truffle hungers, to Kimchi makers. From the best foodie haunts, to the best food markets. From wonderful restaurants, to fabulous wineries.

The Food Travel Company work with food producers, chefs, farmers, food champions, food gourmands, food writers and food bloggers. If they know about food, we know about them. They find the food experts in every field and bring them to you or you to them.

The Food Travel Company look after you if you want to learn how to cook, or just want to eat. If you want a bespoke honeymoon, or a day making sourdough. If you want to be with family or friends, or meet new people. If you want to be challenged, or catered for. 

The Food Travel Company help you to learn how to eat more healthily, or try new food trends.  They plan trips with care, imagination and heart to ensure you enjoy food the way food should be enjoyed - joyously.

Here's a sample of what The Food Travel Company have in store for you.....and if you see a trip you'd like to take part in, just click on the link!

The Great British Truffle, The Food Travel Company

A Taste of Truffle 8th August 2013

Get to grips with the wonderful British Truffle; spend half a day cooking, eating & listening to truffle tales and see a real truffle dog in truffle sniffing action... 
Tuscan Cheese

Flavours of Tuscany Tour 7th-10th March 2014

Enjoy the flavours of Tuscany visiting Florence and Pistoia with a four-day mix of guided city tours, tastings, cooking lesson and a visit to an Italian wine estate.  
Rob Wing Newlyn Harbour The Food Travel Company

Mevagissey Mayhem 27th-30th June 2013

Our three days and three nights of fish focused food holiday fun, takes in all the fundamentals of seafood under the safe gills of our expert fish guides... 
Burgandy, The Food Travel Company

On the Vine in Burgundy 3rd-8th June 2014

Wine-tasting in beautiful Burgundy, France. Spend five days with us touring and tasting and eating and relaxing in the glorious French countryside. 
Making Tomato Sauce, The Food Travel Company

Sicilian Cooking Week 15th-21st September 2013

A week-long foodie holiday devoted to Sicilian cooking and exploring the local Sicilian culture and local produce.. 
Sweden's National Holiday, Kladesholmen, The Food Travel Company

Seafood & Schnapps & Herrin' Picklin' 11th-13th September 2013

Enjoy a break to the herring heart of Sweden. Spend two nights on a unique floating hotel, learn how to pickle herrings & indulge in some Schnapp's tasting... 

Magical Elderflower Making 24th-25th June 2013

Join us for our magical Elderflower making, amidst the beautiful Cumbrian Lakes and Mountains. This is a peaceful break that will engage your inner wild forager... £150

Wine Tasting Tour Firenze Style 7th July 2013

It's the Italian Job on this three-hour wine you drive the famous Fiat 500 through beautiful Florentine countryside to your vino destination.. 

Purely Provence 9th-12th September 2013

Pop some corks with us & share a sizzling September 2013 in pretty perfect Provence, France, as we take you on a three-day wine-tasting tour... 

The Great Pasty Competition Weekend 27th February-2nd March 2014

Fun, that's what this getaway is all about. Throw in pasty-making learning, the Eden Project, a great dinner out & you've got a weekend of WOW... 

The Ultimate Foodie Tour of Spain 29th September-6th October 2013

Seven-day tour through Basque Country & Catalonia with city-walking tours, visits to a members-only Gastronomic Society, Spanish wineries & lazy lunches galore... 
The Food Travel Company is all about sourcing great food travel holidays from around the world as well as in your own countries. They're good at listening too and love hearing about where you want to go. They help you celebrate food and cultures in great company with enormous pleasure. 
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